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5 More Flower Ideas for Wedding Bouquet

In today’s Transtudios blog, we’re talking about five more flower ideas for your wedding bouquet.


Vines are a slightly out of the box element that can add some interesting texture while still remaining very much within the floral realms where traditional wedding bouquets lie. If you want interesting without being too obvious, this would be a good element to consider.


For the lovers of contrast, ferns, Eucalyptus and other wildflower options give a more raw, organic edge to any arrangement. From toeing the line between traditional and completely out of the ordinary, adding wild growing fauna can be either subtle or completely change an arrangement.


Instead of your traditional long or short stem bunches how about utilising flowers and greens that have a more flexible structure to hang or drape down your bouquet? Or perhaps carry your bouquet laid horizontally across your arm as opposed to in the hands for an elegant alternative.


Now these are adorable flowers that we don’t see too often. If you want a nice pop of yellow but still would like to retain a softness to your arrangement why not try Craspedia? They’re essentially adorable yellow puffballs that we’re rather partial to.


Lovingly dubbed ‘The Air Plant’ these are native to the forests, mountains and deserts of Northern Mexico, South Eastern US, the Caribbean among other places. Their ability to survive and blood in such a range of climates is partly responsible for their current nickname. Interesting facts aside, this is a low maintenance and beautiful plant that can look like a wild fern or a centerpiece to a more traditional bouquet.

Hopefully we’ve given you a few extra ideas on your alternative wedding bouquet that’s different to the norm, Until next time!

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What to look for in a Wedding Photographer

Everyone has an idea of what they want their special day to look like, so finding someone who will be able to capture it right is essential. Now because everyone will be looking for different things in their wedding photographer/videographer, here are a few things to keep in mind.


Wedding photography and videography are still art forms where the artist will have their own specialized style ranging from genuinely candid to manicured and editorial. There are also those who are flexible and can cater so several styles but the best way to know this is to check out their past work. Particularly if they are flexible, you can use their previous photos as reference for the style you would like them to capture your wedding day in.


There is a plethora of wedding photographers and videographers available at all sorts of price points with packages that differ in hours covered, delivery method etc. In order to streamline your experience, try to find someone who will offer as close to what you’ll need as possible. If you know you’ll want printed photos, enlargements, DVDs etc. try to get them as part of a package that way you have everything done and delivered in one go. Weddings are already stressful, why add the need for trips to the photo printers, frame stores and album sellers to the list?


Yes they are professional, yes they know how to do their job but meeting the photographers / videographers prior to the wedding day can establish a comfortable relationship for all parties involved and can put everyone’s mind at ease so that either person can ask their questions and get some answers. We believe that good chemistry also makes those wedding pictures and video look significantly more genuine, which is why we always try our best to meet with couples from the beginning.


Most wedding photographers and videographers will most likely have a contract that will cover both their and your rights and responsibilities at the wedding. A with any contract do make sure to read the fine print to make sure you know what will happen in any event. Check what rights you have in the ownership of the photos and be mindful that most deposits are non-refundable and rescheduling and cancellations can be troublesome to deal with later, do make sure you know how to act in the event of unexpected changes. Once again, organizing an interview is best so that you can talk over any details you are unsure of.


These wedding photographers and videographers are usually handling huge file loads and processing times can vary from 3 weeks to over a month after your wedding. Know what you will be getting and when, know when your payment/s are due and once again, be sure to read the contract as it usually stipulates what will happen in events of late payments and if it will affect the delivery date of the final products.

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Top 10 Wedding Venues in Sydney

Welcome back to another Transtudios Wedding Photography & Video blog article for this week! Today we’ll be talking about the top 10 Wedding Venues in Sydney.

Sometimes it’s hard to get ideas to decide on what wedding reception venue you would like in Sydney, but we’ve narrowed it down for you!

For the previous article for the Top 10 wedding venues outside of Sydney please go here:
Top 10 Wedding Venues outside of Sydney


Whether you fancy yourself a hipster, boho or lover of the industrial rough and rustic this is a beautiful location where recycled industrials meet with Mother Nature and birth a perfect wedding venue.


History buffs are those who always like an extra somethin’ somethin’, meet the National Art School’s Cell Block Theatre. We have seen this place be transformed into a range of themed functions and weddings that it is truly a jewel in the Sydney wedding venue sea.


This a beautiful venue that’s both classy and a nod to some Georgian and French heritage. Housing its very own vineyard, impressive staircases and a couple of glamour elements such as crystal chandeliers and French windows, this is the perfect venue where history meets old school glamour.


Want waterfront views, statement walls couple with glamour at every turn? Sergeant’s Mess is somewhere you’ll want to consider. It’s also conveniently situated near some picturesque locations perfect for the obligatory photo session in between the ceremony and reception.


Where would this list be without a humble nod to the heritage listed Curzon Hall? With a Victorian style, sweeping cathedral-style ceilings, fireplaces made of marble of all things. This venue screams a sense of grandeur one can only get from this locations that truly take you to another time.


Following the big ol’ glamour train is Le Montage which is does offer a more modern type of glamour that is just as welcome. It all depends on what you want on your big day and if it is going to involve up to 2500 people, Le Montage has got you covered all with water views to boot.


Now if you would like to steer clear of the traditional classically smooth wedding look then try the industrial Doltone House. Indoor or outdoor they offer both located on a historical wharf. What’s awesome about this venue is that you can transform it to suit your style whether it be luxurious, nostalgically rustic or somewhere in between!


No it’s not an actual starship but it is a cruise boat that will take your reception around the Sydney Harbour with open air viewing to view it all from a truly unique perspective. If you want to avoid potential seasickness they also offer an indoor option with floor to ceiling windows and a view of the Harbour this is sure to still impress!


Although we don’t suggest exchanging rings on a ride, if having a more casual, fun filled reception is more your speed then Luna Park might be right up your alley. You and the guests are guaranteed to always have something to do and it can be a great way to reduce the possible nervousness that comes with more formal gatherings. If you’re a fan of contrast, formal-wear with a theme park backdrop can make for some great memories and pictures that you can happily look back on later.


The ultimate rustic experience with exposed wooden beams, bricks, historic buildings and lots… lots of tree. This venue provides the perfect setting and backdrop that looks like you pulled it straight out of Pinterest. Oh and did we mention they have a winery?

We hope these wedding reception venue ideas have given you some insight into what sort of venue you would like for your wedding day!
Best of luck and happy planning!
– Transtudios Photography & Video

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Ideas for Autumn and Winter Weddings Pt. 2

Welcome back from last week, following onto part two!

Since Autumn is still in full swing we thought we’d expand on our list of ideas for weddings planned during this cozy season. So let’s continue!


This could be furry, four-legged brides maids and groomsmen OR it could mean adding some faux fur accents to your wedding clothes. From a furry hood and cape combos to gloves and scarves with fur trims. If huskies are a no-go these are a good alternative!


Great thing about cinnamon sticks is that they are flexible in application. Add some to your bouquet, wrap a few sticks around candles, string them together with the aforementioned crystal branches, however you use them, they will be a fragrant addition that screams winter comfort. Just be careful because it’s easy to go overboard.


Set up a section with hot cocoa, milk, cinnamon powder, marshmallows and a few other toppings and let your guests have at it! A great way to keep the guests warm and perk their energy levels up. And who knows, some might connect over their unique concoctions at the bar.


Drawing inspiration from nature again dried flowers are a flexible way of extending those winter vibes beyond the colour theme. If you don’t want center piece-level attention to them then opt for smaller touches like attaching them to table labels or labels on the food if you’re having a buffet style reception.


Extended on a previous point in this post – candles are great for winter-themed weddings! Choose from small to large, scented or unscented, singular, bunched, mix it up or add them to your bonbonnieres. As centerpieces, room/hall decorations, main table decorations or more the sky is the limit with candles.

We hope you’ve managed to get inspired on some ideas for your Autumn or Winter Wedding and we’ll see you next week with a new blog topic!

We hope you have a great week!

-The TranStudios team

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Ideas for Autumn and Winter Weddings Pt. 1

It’s 2018 and Autumn is amongst us in Sydney, Australia! This week in this two part blog segment, we’ll be talking about ideas for Autumn and Winter Weddings.

As the seasons change as do  the colours around us. So where better to get colour inspiration from than mother nature herself? Below are five ideas you could employ to add that extra seasonal touch to your big day:


From the fiery colours of fall to the grey blues, silvers, white and royal blues of a snowy day or even a silver teamed with the deep greens to pay homage to the evergreens that soldier through the snowfalls without losing an inch of their rich green colours.


Bouquets don’t always need to be bright to be beautiful. If you’re looking for smaller ways to add that winter-esque touch then put together a bouquet with greys and cool toned purples and blues. Team that with bare branches and pine cones and you will end up with a beautiful bouquet alternative to your traditional fresh floral bunch.


Very few other things welcome the cold season much like including a hooded cape to your wedding gown, lined with some faux fur for that extra warmth and extra luxe element.


Outdoor ceremonies are a great way to immerse you and your guests in some beautiful surroundings but in the colder seasons this can be a bit more uncomfortable. Make things easier for your guests but providing scarves and/or blankets for your guests to huddle up in.


Snow is beautiful but logistically impractical if you want them to last the length of your wedding but crystals on bare branches (or crystal branches altogether!) are a great alternative that keep the whimsical vibe all winter weddings aim for. This decoration option is also flexible as they can employed as small details on the side of ceremony seats to the centre pieces at the reception!

Tune in next week for the second and final part of this Transtudios autumn blog topic!

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5 Flower Ideas for Wedding Bouquets

Today, we’re talking about flower ideas for your wedding bouquet!

Flowers are, without a doubt, one of the key elements in giving your big day the atmosphere you want. From coordinating colours to expressing love or your favourite season, there’s a lot that flowers can do and they don’t always have to be JUST on your bouquet.


If we had to describe the first flower on our list, it would be a petal puff ball really. Found in pure white, an assortment of greens and pinks and even a vibrant blue, their spherical shape means your could choose to have this as the center piece to your bouquet or have it alone for a minimalistic but still not overly simple look. Their shape and colour availability also make them interesting center piece options.


Available in a great variety of colours and all year round these are a classic choice and great alternative to your traditional rose while complimenting a more modern dress.


Sometimes you don’t have to look further than your own backyard. Native Australian flowers have a unique look and texture to them that will most definitely give your bouquet a unique look and feel that will stand out from the rest.


No we’re not joking, if you choose wisely these can provide a very understated and beautiful element more rustic-style weddings. Try to go for flowers that have been dried in proper ways that allow them to retain their shape and colour and maybe even enhance their fragrance such as dried lavender.


Cute and amazingly low maintenance, this is a great way of giving your bouquet or centre pieces a different texture and look that will no doubt survive well beyond your special day and will be a lovely, living reminder of it.

We hope this has given you some insight and ideas into creating your unique and perfect wedding bouquet for your special day!

Tune in next week for another Transtudios blog!

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Top 10 Wedding Venues Outside Sydney

Are you currently feeling a bit lost and have no clue where to look in Sydney for your wedding day reception venue?

Well, at Transtudios we have just had the right idea by looking outside of the box and thought we’d share it just for you! Here are the top 10 wedding venues outside of Sydney to look out for!


Located in the Blue Mountains area, this is a lovely rustic wedding venue who want their special day to be both comfortable and visually stunning. Here you’ll have all the rustic tidbits like exposed beams and stone fireplaces, coupled with the unmistakable mountain and country view.


Yes you can now saw ‘I do’ and get right into the splunking. Well not really but since you’ll be in the area why not fit it in the day after? For the wedding you can choose to stay above ground or go underground for a truly unique experience that can house up to 150 guests. Oh and if you have more than 75 guests, the bride and groom can spend the night of the wedding there for free!


Located in Newcastle and offering 3 areas the ambience at this venue is perfect for both ceremonies and receptions. Their White Hall includes hardwood floors and a stage, the Atrium offers a conveniently weather proof outdoor space and the main hall itself has pendant lights hanging from a high vaulted timber ceiling that looks suspiciously like a Potter-esque Grand Hall. Not that we’re complaining.


Lovers of the bespoke please direct your attention to the picturesque Dennarque Estate of the Blue Mountains. With exotic gardens that offer the opportunity to dine under the stars this venue also offers to either let you handle your decorations or allow them to provide a beautifully bespoke venue that you’re sure to love!


If your wish is to really have that country setting then how does 500 acres of country including trees, gardens and a lake sound? With no chance of gate-crashers you and your party goers will be able to dance the night away with true peace of mind in genuinely natural and picturesque setting.


Offering a few venues to cater to guests from 100-250, this is a beautiful and historic location with both gardens and a hall for those who want to weather proof their plans.


With options including a private chapel, vows by the lake, wedding in the woods and more, this is a little gem situated not too far out of Sydney. Catering for up to 130 guests across 8 hectares of gardens, this is a location some guests won’t mind spending the night at either.


Moving further out of Sydney, Canberra’s The Boat House houses 3 venues that allow for a little it of indoor and outdoor exploration and boasts its own private parklands and waterfront views that are sure to impress.


Fancy a farm stay complete with rolling hills, gardens on gardens, horses and a tree lined driveway? Then time to head up to Newcastle then just 15 minutes out of it you’ll come across this perfect, rural location for a wedding full of comfort, class and charm.


A truly luxurious secret of the Southern Highlands, fairy tail weddings are made here. And they take the ‘luxury’ point seriously, here you will have a personalised experience in a location offering secret gardens, buildings straight out of the history books and a great menu!

We hope this has given you some insight into some of the most beautiful wedding locations outside of Sydney.

Happy planning!

– TranStudios Photography & Video

Happy Easter Holidays 2018

Happy Easter Holidays!

TranStudios Photo and Video would like to wish everyone a very happy holidays whether you celebrate Easter or use it to enjoy good times with family and friends may you enjoy your time this chocolate-filled season!

Now is also also a good time to do some light wedding planning. Jot down a few venues, wedding photographers, wedding videographers, menu ideas etc. Add them to a notepad or Pinterest it all, any step is still a step to your perfect wedding! Curious about our offerings? The promotion for our combined wedding photo and video package is still on going!

Happy Easter Holidays 2018!

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Transtudios is now on Instagram!

It’s official! Transtudios Photography & Video is finally on Instagram!

Nowadays with social media taking everyone by storm, specifically the wedding industry.. smartphones are literally taking over the world since everyone is always on their phones nowadays.
On the train, bus, car or ferry… everyone seems to be glued to their screens!

The other day, we noticed as a train passed along a bridge, that every single person was looking down 45 degrees, at their phones. It’s amazing how much technology changes in just 10 years.

Nonetheless, we thought that we’d join Instagram, since we do already have a Facebook page but it seems that this particular Instagram app is much more easily accessible in terms of communicating

video and photo content and media compared to Facebook’s regular single posts, thanks to its friendly scrollable interface.

We’re so stoked that there is such an amazing variety of wedding planning, wedding photography & video and wedding decorations content on instagram and we have no idea where to start!

So to start small,

Our instagram is @transtudiosphotovideo

So feel free to get following on our instagram for wedding updates and specials!

Happy wedding planning!

– The Transtudios Team

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When Should You Book Your Wedding Photographer?

So you’ve gotten engaged?! Congratulations! This is such an exciting moment in your life leading up to the start of your new journey with your significant other… But it would be unfair if I didn’t mention that it is also stressful. I wish I could sugar coat that for ya but­ even if you hire a Wedding Planner, you have a lot to do!

Today, we are going to focus on booking your Photographer/Videographer for your wedding. Sure, you could easily go find a bridal magazine or hunt through Pinterest for a timeline of when you should be doing what.

You should be booking your Photographer/Videographer at least 6 months before your wedding!

And here is the reason why:
By this time, you’ll have already picked your venue, a theme/colour scheme, an idea of a guest list, and a basic timeline of your wedding day. This is all useful to your Photographer because…

  • Once the venue(s) is set your Photographer can look up the locations to see where they can get the best photos of you, your significant other & loved ones
  • You will know who you will really want photos with, out of town family or friends, etc.  (Add to your shot list!)
  • The general timeline is useful so whether you are having a mix of traditions or unique wedding events, you can be sure your Photographer won’t miss a thing and capture all of your special moments.

Of course if you’re ahead of all things, booking earlier doesn’t hurt! It ensures your booking date, engagement/pre-wedding sessions and more.