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Stefan and Angela’s wedding day was held at the Harrington Grove Country Club in Harrington Park, New South Wales, beautifully combined Asian and Serbian traditions, creating an unforgettable experience for all.

The venue is in the heart of Harrington Park, the Harrington Grove Country Club provided a setting for Stefan and Angela’s wedding ceremony. Surrounded by lush greenery and breathtaking landscapes, the couple exchanged their vows on the country club’s spacious grass lawn, under a cloudless sky. The serene ambiance added an ethereal touch to the festivities, making it a perfect start to their lifelong journey together.

To capture the essence of their special day, the newlyweds, along with their bridal party, ventured to the enchanting Mount Annan Botanic Gardens in Mt Annan, New South Wales. This botanical haven offered a stunning backdrop, with its vibrant flowers, meandering paths, and tranquil lakes. Against this picturesque canvas, the joy and love radiating from Stefan and Angela were immortalised in every photograph. The fusion of natural beauty and cultural diversity truly made their wedding album a testament to the blending of two beautiful souls.

Angela, a radiant bride of Asian descent, brought a touch of her heritage to the wedding. From the intricate lacework on her traditional cheongsam to the delicate cherry blossom accents adorning the venue, every detail spoke of her roots. Guests were treated to a sumptuous banquet that featured a delightful array of Asian cuisine, representing the fusion of flavours and traditions. The wedding was a celebration of diversity, bridging cultures and fostering understanding among the guests who witnessed the union of two families.

Stefan, the dashing groom of Serbian descent, also ensured his cultural heritage was celebrated. The rhythmic beats of traditional Serbian music echoed through the air as guests joined in a lively circle dance known as kolo. The reception featured traditional Serbian dishes, such as mouth-watering cevapi and sarma, which delighted everyone’s taste buds. Stefan’s proud Serbian heritage blended seamlessly with Angela’s Asian roots, reflecting the harmony they found in each other.

All in all, Stefan and Angela’s wedding day at Harrington Grove Country Club in Harrington Park, New South Wales, showcased the power of love in uniting different cultures. From the enchanting backdrop of the Mount Annan Botanic Gardens to the vibrant blend of Asian and Serbian traditions, their special day was a testament to the beauty of diversity and the magic that happens when two worlds come together in perfect harmony.

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View below their wedding highlights video along with some photos from the day:

Harrington Park Wedding Photography

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