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In Sydney, Autumn is probably one of the better options to go with when planning your wedding!

It comes with it’s own benefits such as nice orange, autumn colours and landscapes along with cooler weather for the wedding day.

Nature is at it’s best during Autumn and here’s why you should potentially consider having your wedding in autumn!

  • With all the vibrant reds, oranges and golds of the trees in gardens and vineyards, your photos will be almost as stunning as you on your wedding day
  • The weather is not so harsh, offering better light for your photographer and videographer, without baking heat or freezing cold
  • The more temperate climate makes an outdoor wedding more comfortable
  • Seasonal produce is both gorgeous and phenomenal
  • Both you and your partner will be cool, calm and collected in your wedding attire, which for some reason ends up being one of the bulkiest outfits we will ever wear. Far less sweating.
  • The cool evening allows for drinks by an open fire, or snuggles with partners, with a tuxedo jacket romantically draped across the bride’s shoulders.

    Some awesome ideas to celebrate an autumn wedding

    Themes and venues

    Autumn brings to mind more natural, rich and earthy tones, with weddings themes like rustic, country, vineyard, vintage and bohemian lending themselves very nicely to an autumn wedding.

    You need not go earthy however, the rich golds and burgundies of autumn can create a gorgeous palette for a modern, contemporary or five-star luxury wedding style. Imagine you are royalty and build your autumn wedding around that theme as well.

    You could also have a beach wedding, with autumn tones, a beautiful early sunset in glorious technicolour and a cooler evening for entertaining your guests in the best of all seasons.

    Cities like Melbourne and Adelaide are at their most beautiful in autumn, and any venues in the mountains, vineyards or in gardens will be an array of fantastic colour and light.

    European and English style homesteads also come beautifully alive in autumn, so any historic mansions evoking Tuscany, the French countryside or Victorian England will also be inspired venue choices for a wedding at this time of year.


    Channel nature’s autumn colours in your invitations in shades of red, burgundy and gold, beautiful in a glossy printed invite, or in a watercolour painted one. Feature motifs of leaves, grapes, and autumn fruit like rosy apples and luscious oranges.

    For inspiration have a look at some of the naturally themed looks from Stone + Sparrow, or the whimsical watercolour look range from Personally Invited, both available Australia wide.


    Put your bridesmaids in rich burgundy, deep chocolate or a bold blackberry purple.

    For the bride, take the traditional white and add a touch of orange, gold or rose for a look that is seasonal, but completely different. For ideas have a look through our article on colour in your wedding gown here.

    Food and wine

    Showcase the best of this time of year’s fresh seasonal produce, and bring out larger, more hearty share platters than the cold dishes preferred at summer weddings. Ingredients that shine in autumn include:

    • Roasted baby beetroot
    • Sweet potato fries
    • Char-grilled brussels sprouts with crispy bacon and pomegranate
    • Lush pumpkin soup
    • Pulled pork sliders
    • Roasted game such as duck or rabbit
    • Deliciously slow cooked beef
    • Fresh apple and blackberry pie
    • A gorgeous cheese platter featuring quince paste and sliced pear

    For drinks as well as wine and beer, perhaps put on something a little more complex, like a fruity sangria or a lovely warm spiced wine, a range of apple ciders or an autumn-tinted cocktail designed just for your big day.


    Instead of sticking to traditional wedding flowers, highlight the best of autumn foliage, florals and the gorgeous autumn palette. Some great ideas for additions to your bouquet include:

    • Acorns, blackberries, ornamental chilli or crab-apples
    • Oak leaves or a draping vine or two
    • Roses of deep crimson, bold orange and bright yellow
    • Autumn wildflowers such as violets, poppies, lavender or Easter daisies
    • Gerberas or tulips in pink and burgundy
    • Touches of Australian natives such as waratahs or snapdragons
    • Succulents for character and contrast


      Take all of the natural oranges, russets and reds of the season and then mix these with some more wedding style metallics such as rose gold, bronze or old gold. Channel a rustic country vibe for your day, or perhaps a woodland feel.

      Decorate with leaves, vines, apples, cinnamon sticks, pinecones, juicy purple grapes, miniature fat pumpkins and mix in with tealight candles or ornate candelabras.

      Adorn your wedding cake with these seasonal ideas as well.

      Give your guests flower petals in rich crimson, deep pink and blush orange to shower you with as you leave the ceremony.

      Entertainment and activities

      Perhaps channel a vintage country fete, and have sideshow style games such as a coconut shy or bobbing for apples, or make the use of the cooler afternoons to play lawn games such as croquet, bowls or giant Jenga. You could even have pony rides, or a horse and cart. For vintage indoor and outdoor décor check out the range at Vintage Rose Weddings, available Australia wide.

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