Paddington Reservoir Oxford Street Sydney Michelle & Mathew’s Engagement Photography

We recently had the pleasure of capturing Matthew & Michelle’s Engagement session before their big day at Paddington Reservoir at Oxford Street Paddington in Sydney.

They are a beautiful Croatian couple, getting married later in the month.

Here are a few photos from the set, we can’t wait for their wedding!


MatthewMichellePrewedding_101 MatthewMichellePrewedding_098 MatthewMichellePrewedding_091 MatthewMichellePrewedding_086 MatthewMichellePrewedding_074 MatthewMichellePrewedding_054 MatthewMichellePrewedding_050 MatthewMichellePrewedding_040 MatthewMichellePrewedding_028 MatthewMichellePrewedding_014

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