Ideas for Autumn and Winter Weddings Pt. 3

We are back again for another weekly blog article here at Transtudios!

Today we bring back some wedding Ideas to you for Autumn and Winter.


Pine cones are great and versatile element that convey a sense of Autumn/Winter comfort, fireplaces, wide forests and can even add to a rustic theme if that is the direction you’re going.


Should you choose to have a buffet reception this could be an awesome addition that will be both functional as well as beautifully delicious eye candy. Just a quick search on Google Images or Instagram and you will find a plethora of ideas for layouts that will play with the colours and textures of different cheeses, crackers, cold cut meats and the like. Just remember to take all your pictures before hand because these spreads tend to be popular with the stomachs just as much as the eyes.


Now who doesn’t love dipping just about anything in a bucket of chocolate? We certainly do! Here you can go crazy, anything from slices of cake on skewers, fresh fruits, biscuits and more!


Fireplaces are the ultimate cold weather comforters so why not for a venue with one? Along with being functional they can also add a historic vibe that can lean either classy or ‘family holiday cabin with melted marshmallows’.

Snowy Ornaments

To add some winter whimsical wonder to your special day try hanging crystals from the ceiling, centerpieces or candles, white duochrome sequins on the tables (or anywhere you would like really) and if you really want to go all out, large particle glitters. Be warned though, glitter has a habit of sticking around long after the celebrations have ceased, if you would like to make things a little easier then spray your glitter encrusted ornaments with hairspray.

We hope these ideas will help you beautiful bride to be’s out there for planning and preparation for your big wedding day.

Tune in next week for another special Transtudios blog article, have a great weekend!

-The Transtudios team

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