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We were recently honoured and privileged to be capturing Victor & Eunice’s Wedding Day! Finally it was time for the beautiful couple to wed.

Starting off the day by meeting a very happy Victor and his groomsmen at the Meriton Suite, the TranStudios team took advantage of the modern suite, capturing Victor and his groomsman preparing for his big day with everything from the cuff links and leather shoes to the gifted leather key chain straps, beautifully pressed with each groomsmen’s name.

Bidding a quick goodbye, the team packed up and headed to The Langham Hotel where the bride gifted her bridesmaids delicate Chanel earrings that, we can’t lie, had one of our team members in even more awe than the others. With the tea ceremony first on the agenda, we captured Eunice’s traditional, red outfit before setting up for the ceremony itself, which was also held at The Langham, with both their family and closest friends.

“The Langham has dramatic Harbour views. Quaint cobbled streets. Historic brick buildings. Discover a secluded tranquillity nestled in the heart of The Rocks district of metropolitan Sydney.”

Taking advantage of the bespoke and heritage interior that The Langham is (understandably) famous for, the team caught a few beautiful shots of the couple inside before heading off to Paddington Reservoir Gardens.

Popular for its brick arches and gardens set in the middle of the concrete jungle, the team caught a great range of shots from the arches, gardens and surrounding areas, creating a beautiful story for the final cut.

Choosing Observatory Hill for their intimate ceremony, the exchange of vows tugged at the heart strings and the post-ceremony shots allowed the team to capture some truly picturesque moments shared with their closest family and friends.

Setting up at Cockle Bay Wharf for the reception, it was held in the L’Aqua Wedding Venue Room the couple had a lively entrance, touching speeches filled with many good stories, treasured memories and laughter shared by everyone in attendance. And, of course, the night ended with some awesome dance moves.

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We wish Eunice and Victor the very best in the future!

Watch their cinematic highlights video here:

Eunice and Victor's Wedding at Paddington Reservoir Sydney
Paddington Reservoir Wedding Photography

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