5 More Flower Ideas for Wedding Bouquet

In today’s Transtudios blog, we’re talking about five more flower ideas for your wedding bouquet.


Vines are a slightly out of the box element that can add some interesting texture while still remaining very much within the floral realms where traditional wedding bouquets lie. If you want interesting without being too obvious, this would be a good element to consider.


For the lovers of contrast, ferns, Eucalyptus and other wildflower options give a more raw, organic edge to any arrangement. From toeing the line between traditional and completely out of the ordinary, adding wild growing fauna can be either subtle or completely change an arrangement.


Instead of your traditional long or short stem bunches how about utilising flowers and greens that have a more flexible structure to hang or drape down your bouquet? Or perhaps carry your bouquet laid horizontally across your arm as opposed to in the hands for an elegant alternative.


Now these are adorable flowers that we don’t see too often. If you want a nice pop of yellow but still would like to retain a softness to your arrangement why not try Craspedia? They’re essentially adorable yellow puffballs that we’re rather partial to.


Lovingly dubbed ‘The Air Plant’ these are native to the forests, mountains and deserts of Northern Mexico, South Eastern US, the Caribbean among other places. Their ability to survive and blood in such a range of climates is partly responsible for their current nickname. Interesting facts aside, this is a low maintenance and beautiful plant that can look like a wild fern or a centerpiece to a more traditional bouquet.

Hopefully we’ve given you a few extra ideas on your alternative wedding bouquet that’s different to the norm, Until next time!

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