Ideas for Autumn and Winter Weddings Pt. 2

Welcome back from last week, following onto part two!

Since Autumn is still in full swing we thought we’d expand on our list of ideas for weddings planned during this cozy season. So let’s continue!


This could be furry, four-legged brides maids and groomsmen OR it could mean adding some faux fur accents to your wedding clothes. From a furry hood and cape combos to gloves and scarves with fur trims. If huskies are a no-go these are a good alternative!


Great thing about cinnamon sticks is that they are flexible in application. Add some to your bouquet, wrap a few sticks around candles, string them together with the aforementioned crystal branches, however you use them, they will be a fragrant addition that screams winter comfort. Just be careful because it’s easy to go overboard.


Set up a section with hot cocoa, milk, cinnamon powder, marshmallows and a few other toppings and let your guests have at it! A great way to keep the guests warm and perk their energy levels up. And who knows, some might connect over their unique concoctions at the bar.


Drawing inspiration from nature again dried flowers are a flexible way of extending those winter vibes beyond the colour theme. If you don’t want center piece-level attention to them then opt for smaller touches like attaching them to table labels or labels on the food if you’re having a buffet style reception.


Extended on a previous point in this post – candles are great for winter-themed weddings! Choose from small to large, scented or unscented, singular, bunched, mix it up or add them to your bonbonnieres. As centerpieces, room/hall decorations, main table decorations or more the sky is the limit with candles.

We hope you’ve managed to get inspired on some ideas for your Autumn or Winter Wedding and we’ll see you next week with a new blog topic!

We hope you have a great week!

-The TranStudios team

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