Ideas for Autumn and Winter Weddings Pt. 1

It’s 2018 and Autumn is amongst us in Sydney, Australia! This week in this two part blog segment, we’ll be talking about ideas for Autumn and Winter Weddings.

As the seasons change as do  the colours around us. So where better to get colour inspiration from than mother nature herself? Below are five ideas you could employ to add that extra seasonal touch to your big day:


From the fiery colours of fall to the grey blues, silvers, white and royal blues of a snowy day or even a silver teamed with the deep greens to pay homage to the evergreens that soldier through the snowfalls without losing an inch of their rich green colours.


Bouquets don’t always need to be bright to be beautiful. If you’re looking for smaller ways to add that winter-esque touch then put together a bouquet with greys and cool toned purples and blues. Team that with bare branches and pine cones and you will end up with a beautiful bouquet alternative to your traditional fresh floral bunch.


Very few other things welcome the cold season much like including a hooded cape to your wedding gown, lined with some faux fur for that extra warmth and extra luxe element.


Outdoor ceremonies are a great way to immerse you and your guests in some beautiful surroundings but in the colder seasons this can be a bit more uncomfortable. Make things easier for your guests but providing scarves and/or blankets for your guests to huddle up in.


Snow is beautiful but logistically impractical if you want them to last the length of your wedding but crystals on bare branches (or crystal branches altogether!) are a great alternative that keep the whimsical vibe all winter weddings aim for. This decoration option is also flexible as they can employed as small details on the side of ceremony seats to the centre pieces at the reception!

Tune in next week for the second and final part of this Transtudios autumn blog topic!

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